About Solus

Founded in late 2013, Solus Supply has been providing customers from all over the World with sought-after clothing, shoes and accessories.

Stocked brands include Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Guess Jeans, Nike, Champion and Stüssy - to mention just a few. Our aim has always been to provide you with authentic and high quality streetwear, topped off with some great customer service!

The word ‘Solus’ may seem a peculiar choice to you, it’s based on the Latin for ‘Only’, which truly reflects our goal to be a stand-out purveyor of fashion related items in this game!

Critically, ‘Solus’ refers to the fact, that life is a solo journey.

In popular culture, being a ‘loner’ carries negative connotations, we’re saying ‘No’ to that idea.
We’re here on this Planet for a finite amount of time. This time, is to be used to live & experience cool stuff, with people who matter.
So stand out of the crowd & own your thing (whatever that might be), even when others are judging & putting you down.
Keep it Solus & forget what others think, you’ll thank yourself later.


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