SantanSolus Collection

The SantanSolus collection consists of the SantanDave card tees, SanCan Stash Can & SanCan Flame Tee + Hoodie.

The updated collection was added on 4/20 of 2023. With the v1 of the SanCan and the Santan card tees released in 2022.

Alongside SantanDave card t-shirt purchases from the drop, customers will receive a complimentary Santandave credit c-art piece, complete with a card holder, which will include hand-written details such as the buyer’s number out of 100.

The tees, card and SanCan stash can pay homage to the young MC, Dave, and feature tons of lyrical references throughout the pieces, exhibiting our favourite lines from Dave's discography spanning Psychodrama and We're All Alone in This Together.