Solus Santandave Credit C-Art Release

Solus Santandave Credit C-Art Release

Following our Kanye West inspired 'Black Card' t-shirt and credit card-art (c-art) release, Solus has prepared another collection based upon their concept of turning conventional pieces of plastic into symbolic collectible art pieces.


This work is aimed at opening a dialogue as to the inherent value of these important pieces of plastic, which we, as a society, rely heavily upon for trade, trust and life in general. In this modern world, whether we like it or not, our lives revolve around money and growth. And these small micro-chipped cards form a large part of our daily human experience.


Essentially, these pieces of credit c-art are no different to the concept of fiat currency and the traditional debit/credit cards you would see in a wallet or purse. The only difference, is that the Solus Santandave credit cards have no utility and are instead collectible piece of arts, embodying the artist's iconic discography to date.


Having previously worked on a Kanye inspired collection, prompted by a lyrical reference in ‘Last Call’, Solus has selected the young British GOAT, Dave, for the latest collection.


Solus is releasing a capsule of: two tees and a limited edition Dave themed stash can, coined the ‘SanCan’.  Alongside t-shirt purchases from the drop, customers will receive a complementary Santandave credit c-art piece, complete with a card holder, which will include a hand-written order number (X/100).


The tees, card and stash-can pay homage to the young MC and feature tons of Dave lyrical references throughout the artwork, with the t-shirts sporting a screen-printed front of the ‘Santandave’ card and the back exhibiting one our personal favourite lines from Dave (Screwface Capital, Psychodrama).


Tees are printed on heavyweight, responsibly sourced blanks made from 220GSM organic cotton.


The release is available for newsletter subscribers from 6PM on 13th May, with the wider general release occurring an hour later @ 7PM.


- Stay Solus